Club Partnerships


    The Club is Open and Operating Currently.
    Rebranding the business with a half remodel and touchups.
    The Club has a $5,000,000 Valuation.
    The Management team of (4) has over 30yrs of experience and currently operates 2 gentleman's clubs.

    Investor Share are Limited
    Return on Investment = 20%.
    Each Unit is being sold at $50,000.00 USD.
    RETURN ON INVESTMENT = $60,000.00 in 12 months.

    A 12-month “Promissory Note” and "Personal Guarantee" is Secured by the Company.
    Once the Promissory Note Term has been completed, the Investor will have the option to convert the Promissory Note payment into a 1% Share in the operating company after the first 12 months are up.

    Current Active Licenses are:
    State Issued Business License, County Issued Liquor, Cabaret and Admission Licenses.
    Applying for Gaming, Food & Hookah Licenses.

    Serious Investors Only Please:
    Must have “Bank Issued Proof of Funds Letter” to receive the investor Deck.
    You will be allowed a 30 days due diligence period.